On 1st April, 1976, following the creation of more states which saw the birth of Oyo, Ondo and Ogun States by the Old Western States, the Federal Government took over all Television Stations. The announcement had earlier been made in a release dated 10th December, 1975, which stated the objectives of the take-over, one of which was “to respond to and fulfill national views rather than partisan or sectorial interest” It was then hoped that radio would be replicated in states.

Independent transmission by the three states stations did not start immediately because as it were, there were no facilities.  Only Oyo State with its capital in Ibadan could lay claim to a radio station of its own because, the defunct WNBS Studios were available for use albeit, as a tenant of the Federal Government owned NTV.  It was therefore decided that there should be a networking of the three stations till the expiration of commercial contracts already paid for according to the reach of WNBS.

With this arrangement, it was expedient for Ondo and Ogun States to set up their respective Studios and purchase equipment.

At this time, Ogun State had decided on naming the state radio outfit, Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, while Ondo’s was named Ondo State Broadcasting Corporation.   Col. Jemibewon however wanted something different for Oyo State and he voiced out his opinion.   “Instead of Oyo State Broadcasting Corporation why not Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State?”  And so the name was accepted.

WNBS therefore metamorphosed into three State radio stations namely the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), Ondo State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC), and Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC).

A pet name for the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State for all and sundry to remember was coined.  And Radio O-Y-O then became the name by which the Station was known far and wide.  On 1st October, 1976, the station went on air with a new call signal.

BCOS began independent programming on 1st April, 1977 and by July of the same year, the Government Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State Law 1977 had been enacted.

In 1982, during the regime of Chief Bola Ige in the old Oyo State, Television Service of Oyo State (TSOS) was established.  In 1984, TSOS was with Radio O-Y-O and the name merged, the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) was maintained.  The Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State then consists of radio and television stations.  Subsequently, more Stations and channels were established under the umbrella name of Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State.

The Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State has and maintained the following channels.

BCOS Television Channel 28 UHF 1982
Oluyole FM 98.5 MHZ 1978
Oke-Ogun FM 93.6 MHZ 2009
Ajilete FM, Gambari 93.6 MHZ 92.1 MHZ

All FM channels are functional.  Our Television channel operates on analogue channel UHF 28 as well as digital platforms, GOTV 105 and Startimes 113.